Is My Child Normal?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

I get this question a lot, especially from first time parents. As a parent your children give you plenty to worry about and often this question tops the list.

I remember feeling the daily stress the ‘normal’ question brings and obsessing over my children’s every word, every step and every interaction. My kids must have thought their mum was nuts!

Early childhood development professionals call this Developmental Milestones which is a fancy way of working out if your child’s development is on target. It is not a judgement of whether your child is “normal” although it often feels like it.

Your child will often surprise you with how quickly they grow. They may express themselves in speech, they may make friends, they may resolve conflict and learn to negotiate. They may show more interest in counting, retelling stories, singing, dancing and creating art that reflects their thoughts about their world. Play based pre-kindergarten programs are designed to give children opportunities to explore these new interests when they are ready.

The most important thing to remember is every child is different, especially when it comes to development. I am careful not to use words like your child should be able to do this by this age because frankly it doesn’t help.

Childhood is not a race, children need space to grow, develop and learn at their own pace and in their own way. Our job as your pre-kindergarten provider is to give them this space and wrap it with love and support.

About the Author

Angela Davey is the founder and manager of Playful Learners Child Care. She holds an Honours Degree in Psychology (Early Childhood Development) and oversees the development of Playful Learners' Pre-Kindergarten program.

If you would like to talk with Angela about how Playful Learners Pre-Kindergarten program may benefit your child she can be reached on 0499 775 670 or email


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