Keeping Play Simple

Engaging children can sometimes seem like an impossible task, but as parents and Educators we need to remember that keeping experiences ‘simple’ can be a lot more beneficial for everyone. We have all had the experience of a child being more interested in the box a toy came in rather than the toy itself, and this is because children love the simple things that enable them to use their amazing imaginations.

Take the time to look around your indoor and outdoor environments. Leaves, tree nuts, pasta, rice, screws, corks, sand, herbs and rocks are all items that can be an additional resource in learning through play. You’ll be surprised what you find in your study drawers and shed!

Ask children to be actively involved in their learning and play by asking them to assist with ‘real life’ tasks such as cleaning dishes, wiping down tables or cooking recipes.

At Playful Learners we utilise these ‘loose parts’, natural resources and real-life experience activities to carry out experiments, explore our surroundings, promote imagination and engage children in their learning.

Children don’t need fancy art rooms or expensive toys to have a great time and learn. They need the basics- resources that prompt imagination, opportunities to explore their environment and adults who are more than happy to come on the adventure with them!

About the Author

Anita Kay the Early Childhood Teacher and Educational Leader at Playful Learners. She holds a Bachelor of Primary Education and is responsible for the design and implementation of all educational programs at Playful Learners.

If you would like to talk with Anita about how Playful Learners Pre Kindy program may benefit your child she can be reached via email at


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