Smaller is Better Child Care

Children are born with the curiosity and desire to learn, they have an inbuilt eagerness to explore, discover and figure things out.

Our role is to allow them to tap into their natural learning style through planned and inspiring learning experiences, so that they can achieve great things. 


Join the Smaller is Better Child Care revolution.


A program for children aged 3 to 5 years which provides engaging activities where children learn and explore while developing Kindergarten readiness


A welcoming place for school aged children to participate in a range of before and after school care activities where they are able to make friends and have fun


No more boring holidays! Our school holiday program is famous for exciting excursions, awesome incursions and lots of fun packed into every day


Learning Journey

The Inspiration Behind Our Programs

Our Belief

Every child has limitless potential to explore their world and learn in their own unique way. Your child’s experience of their world is influenced by many factors: families, friends, school, childcare and their local community.

Our part in their journey of growth is to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment.


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At Playful Learners I found a service which endeavors to invest time and nurturing guidance whilst catering for the uniqueness of each of my children.

We have experienced nothing but the best care for Liam. He literally leaps for joy when we arrive each morning at Playful Learners.

Peter is so happy at Playful Learners. You respect and care for him, as you do for all the children, and recognise him for the gorgeous boy that he is, regardless of disability.

J Tutton, Mother

Michelle, Mother

Gemma, Mother