Out of School Care

Relax and have fun once school is done

Fun Before and After School Through Leisure Based Care

Our Out of School Care program is relaxed, fun and stimulating. The activities on offer are planned to promote creative play as children need the space to just be themselves and be free to express their interests. 


We believe children need freedom to choose the activities they would like to be involved in, and also have the freedom to create their own fun. By participating in shared meals, activities and free time children can make new friends, grow in confidence and self-esteem. 


Our staff are engaging, caring and friendly to create a place where children feel they belong and are respected. All children are safely transported to and from school back to our centre where we provide nutritious food selections.


Some families use our Out of School Care every day, and others only need it sometimes – either way we are flexible in offering care that can be tailored to your family’s needs.

Colorful Food