Early Years Learning

Play based programs that support children's learning journey

Encouraging Children To Learn

At Their Own Pace

Our Pre Kindergarten program is developed and implemented by our Early Years Educators to incorporate current teaching philosophies across a broad range of learning areas.


Activities are targeted at developing children's literacy, mathematical, scientific and creative learning strengths. We liaise with local kindergartens to understand what skills are most beneficial for children entering school so that we can start those early preparation steps.


​Playful Learners' play based programs allow children to learn how they are naturally motivated.  In this way, they are encouraged to explore, experiment, discover and problem solve in a creative and imaginative way. By allowing them to use their natural curiosity to learn, our educational team recognise each child’s individuality and can therefore pose the right questions and provide the right resources.


Playful Learners' Pre Kindergarten is a boutique program with a limited number of children. This is because we believe that spending time with the children to support their learning and emotional growth is critical. Every child can learn and we truly believe that giving them the undivided attention and support they need that they will thrive.


Our intimate classes also allow us to support children’s social skills and guide them in navigating meaningful relationships with each other. There are many benefits of the Playful Learners approach, the main one being that your child develops a love of learning, feels supported to explore and feel good about their place in the world.