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High quality education programs for ages 3-5, taught by experienced and qualified Educators

Smaller is better child care

Angela Davey


Honours in Psychology

(Early Childhood Development)

Our Pre Kindergarten program is developed and implemented by our Early Years Educators to incorporate current teaching philosophies across a broad range of learning areas.

We have strong genuine relationships with our families and the community and pride ourselves on having long term families.

Our smaller child care model enables us to provide extra benefits for working families: 

  1. Small classes: higher quality teaching support and growth

  2. School-based: children become acclimatized to the school environment so they are ready to learn on day one of 'big school'

  3. Stable, quality staff: our Educators build strong relationships with children and parents - we don't require a rotating roster of casual staff

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What do parents say about us?


Michelle M.

"Staff are kind, friendly, down to earth and really good at working with my changing hours. Always a smile when picking up my child, that’s if she is willing to come home 😜"