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How Do You Avoid Becoming "Just a Number'' At Traditional Child Cares?

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Are You Learning More About Child Care Options?

Many new parents mistake a flashy, Instagram-able franchise to deliver better school preparedness.

After realising these centres focus on profit (not education), parents find their children lost as another number in the class.


Their child's development never gets prioritised by qualified Educators, because it's not education;  it's just supervision.


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Is This Guide For Me?

At Playful Learners, we've always told families how easily you can avoid these mistakes if you understand 3 simple fundamentals of Early Learning.

And to help parents from Heathridge & surrounds, our team of Educators published a free insider guide exploring these 3 insights.

This is for parents of children ages 3-5 who:

  • Are looking for quality Education, not just Supervision

  • Are comparing small, intimate classes to large, overwhelming facilities

  • Are interested in their children learning how to express themselves and build meaningful relationships

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